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April 12, 2021

Dear School Community

Washakie County School District #1 requested clarification from Dr. Moss, Washakie County Health Officer regarding mask exemptions and social distancing.  Dr. Moss’s reply is below:

Dear Mr. Nicholas,

Thank you for the phone call today.  I have been approached by multiple community members for clarification about State Public Health Order #1, 24th Continuation.

The six feet distancing rule is recommended for all children as much as possible, whether masked or not.  Students may be excepted from wearing a mask if:

  1. a child is younger than 3 years old
  2. for medical necessity or disability that could cause harm with a note from parent or medical provider
  3. individuals with in IEP
  4. individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing
  5. individuals engaged in athletic activities
  6. incapacitated individuals
  7. individuals whom wearing a face covering would interfere with ability to participate in educational activities
  8. individuals who are eating or drinking

As you can see, there have been no significant changes to Public Health Order #1, despite ongoing confusion.  If Washakie County School District #1 desires to be exempted from State Public Health Order #1, this would require the approval of myself, the state health officer, and the school board.  If not, WCSD#1 will remain under the requirements outlined in State Public Health Order #1.


Amber Moss, DO

Washakie County Health Officer


April 8, 2021

Dear School Community

To access the most recent updates from Ron Laird of the Wyoming High School Activities Association regarding COVID-19 restrictions for spring sports see the WHSAA Website at 

To access the WHSAA Covid-19 Updates: COVID-19 INFORMATION LINK



April 8, 2021

Dear School Community

Washakie #1 received approval for our Re-entry Plan from both Washakie County Public Health and the Wyoming Department of Education on August 12, 2020.  The approval process was rigorous and comprehensive, requiring that districts meet Smart Start Plan Assurances set forth in WDE Smart Start Guidance.  The Wyoming Department of Education Smart Start Guidance document is posted in the links below – it closely aligns with our ideas. 

Every employee at Washakie #1 is fully committed to providing a safe environment for our students.  We are confident that all students will experience high levels of learning.  And we are so excited to have had our student in school all year – thanks for sharing your children with us!

Please click to review the following links.  Updates will be posted as new information comes to the district.



In the event we receive a school closure due to Governor’s order we will return to our approved Adapted Learning Plan:


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