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David Nicholas


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Contact Info:

About Me

Educational History:

  • My career started in South Dakota where I served two different school districts as an administrator and where I received my education.
  • I obtained my specialist from the University of Sioux Falls.
  • I graduated from Custer SD high school but went to grade school in Ree Heights, SD

Degrees and Certifications:

  • I have my masters from SDSU.

Family Information:

  • I grew up on a ranch with many cousins as neighbors and we were blessed with a simple upbringing where fun was just being outdoors and riding our horses, fishing, and hunting.
  • My wife, Kathy, and I have four sons and two grandchildren. Two of our boys are school age, one in the high school and one in the middle school. Like most parents, we are busy – the boys are in lots of activities and we are constantly on the go following their teams, clubs and academics.
  • As students, our boys get what they work for! All of them are smart enough to get good grades – if they work for it. We like the idea of the “growth mind set” that smart is not just something you are, but something you can work for. The harder you work, the more rewards you earn. Trying to get the boys to see that is a project that keeps Kathy and I busy every day! 

Personal Information:

Greetings! My name is David Nicholas and I have the great fortune to serve as superintendent of schools for Washakie County School District No. 1. This is the start of my 7th year in Worland – what a pleasure it has been to serve this district!  I have the opportunity to serve as a school leader largely because the adults in my life never gave up on me.

  • Second chances are real to me and I know the value of role models. In my capacity as a school leader I endeavor to inspire our leadership team to build positive relationships with kids that will make a difference. We know teachers have the biggest impact on student learning. In my opinion, teachers are the neatest folks in every town and schools are the center of every community.
  • We make every effort to help staff create a great learning experience for your child. If you have concerns or would like to visit about our school district do stop by, email, or give me a call. Thank you for letting us partner with you in creating a future for your child.

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